Seeking Natural-Looking Results?

Juvederm is made of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in normal human tissues. It is used widely to treat wrinkles with FDA approval and to augment lips.

The average lip injection patient uses one syringe (1cc). Some may require more or less.

Think about how you want your lips to look. Is it the upper lip that is the problem? Is it the lower lip? Photos can be helpful to describe the look you are interested in.

Your lips will be cleaned. Numbing cream applied and allowed to sit until your lips become completely numb. An ice pack will also be used to cool the area immediately prior to injection. The injections may take up to 30 minutes but the juvederm has numbing medicine within it which numbs the lip as the injections proceed. After the injection, Dr. Barrett will use arnica gel to calm, smooth, and sculpt your lips to the desired appearance.

Dr. Barrett takes numerous precautions to make your experience as painless as possible including numbing cream, ice packs, and numbing injection medicine. Most people claim that a shot in the arm hurts worse than lip injections performed by Dr. Barrett.

It takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Lips may become swollen temporarily, sometimes up to one week. Bruising may occur. Lips are not always symmetrical to begin with and it may not be possible to even them out. There are very rare reports of skin necrosis and allergic reaction.

Patients should avoid taking any aspirin, alleve, advil, motrin, or any other blood thinning medications 1 week prior to the visit. Check with your primary care physician before you stop any medications. Patients may also take Arnica orally prior to injections to help with swelling. Dr. Barrett has Arnica available in his office. Avoid wearing excessive make-up prior to your appointment.”

Results typically last 6 months to 1 year.

Dr. Barrett also performs fat grafting on a regular basis which provides longer lasting natural results. Dr. Barrett does not recommend permanent lip implants.

Swelling can often be confused for a bad result. Patients are normally asked to wait a week to let the swelling subside. Not to worry, Juvederm can be dissolved within minutes with a dissolving agent.

How Much Will My Augmentation Cost?