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Enhance Your
Natural Beauty

Feel your best with natural-looking lip injections.


Look & feel your best with
natural-looking lip injections.

Why Choose
Barrett Beverly Hills?

Barrett Beverly Hills specializes in natural results. Using Hyaluronic Acid-based dermal fillers, our expert staff will inject strategic locations of your lips to add volume and sculpt a defined shape that achieve your specific lip goals. This non-surgical solution can help smooth lip lines, add volume and definition, and correct asymmetries while retaining a natural appearance.

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What Our Patients Say

Love my lips! No matter who I see at Barrett Beverly Hills I'm always so happy. They manage to keep the natural shape of my lips while giving me a nice juicy pout. Not only is their technique on point but all of the staff are so sweet and make me feel very cared for and appreciated! 

Cassie C.

 I used to go to other med spas and it's safe to say I have found a new home here with Nurse Pam. I LOVED my new lips they were exactly what I was envisioning!

Cassandra H.

What an amazing experience! I was a little nervous going in to get lip filler, but the staff made me feel so comfortable. I love how my lips look so natural. Nurse Pam definitely knows what she is doing. I can't wait to go back!

Veronica L.

Came in with a friend to do our lip fillers and it was incredible from start to finish. The staff is amazing and made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. Pam was the best, our lips look exactly how we wanted and so natural!

Leslie G.

Popular Treatments

Cupid's Bow: Upper lip arches are accentuated, coming to two distinct points toward the center of the mouth.
Keyhole: Center lips are accentuated, creating a subtle divide between the top and bottom lip.
Heart-Shaped: Cupids bow and lower lip are accentuating, mirroring the shape of a heart
Lip Flip: Upper lip is enhanced to make it "flip" upward, appearing larger.